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Why is there dark sides in NCAA basketball recruitment? (Part 1)

There are dark sides to the usual hiring process in college-level basketball in the US and Canada. Where do they come from?

The College Athletes Association (NCAA) is a non-profit organization, but its structure is completely different from the mere collegiate systems of sports in many countries. The association includes nearly 1300 organizations, regions, and individuals represented. This is the venue for tournaments and sports programs of many colleges and universities in the US and Canada with more than 450,000 student-athletes.

In 2014, the NCAA generated nearly $ 1 billion in revenue, of which 80 – 90% came from the Division I men’s basketball tournament. It can be seen that once basketball has generated such a large cash flow, it must be well There are many hidden problems in it.

Basketball is the main revenue driver for NCAA

Every year, the basketball tournaments of NCAA receive the main money from sponsorship from big corporations such as LG, Unilever, Nissan, and sports fashion brands and of course, television royalties. In terms of image, organization model and player quality play the most important role to create the attraction for the NCAA.

Basketball is the main revenue driver for NCAA

Because of that, the top basketball talents are of great value in the market because they generate different revenues for the NCAA. A qualified high school student can make a college that owns him an incredible benefit both in terms of brand and money.

Looking further, the usual path for good players will be towards entering the NBA. Once joining the world’s No. 1 tournament, his income and reputation are once again fully exploited by not only sports companies but also quite a few other service companies or organizations.

NBA stars, for example, are bound to become prospects for major shoe companies, financial planners, numerous apparel companies, real estate agents, car and personal vehicle salesman, and also weekly magazines, etc.