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The former NCAA player that is expected to be a big star in the NBA (Part 1)

Trae Young will probably be the most interesting case in this year’s NBA Draft. Trae Young has the potential to become a big star in the NBA in the future. However, at the same time, this little player also has many weaknesses that if not overcome, it will be difficult for Young to stay in the NBA. Will the teams with the first pick dare to risk Young.

Young’s first and only season at the NCAA in the University of Oklahoma jerseys saw him topped the tournament on both scores and assists by an average of one game. Young has averaged 27.4 points and 8.7 assists/game. This is extremely rare in the college basketball environment in the US in recent years. Young was the first player since the 1983-1984 season to achieve the above record at the NCAA.

However, without the need for experts, all who watched Young play realize the deadly weakness of this player in his defense. So the best first-year player in the NCAA season is predicted by experts to only be picked at No. 8 in the upcoming NBA Draft. Will Young be a future star and will be a bargain for adventure teams with him? Let’s analyze a little bit about this player.

The potentials to become a big star

Young is a player who achieved very respectable achievements last season. He is compared by many to Stephen Curry for his similarity in style to the Golden State Warriors star. Let’s take a look at what Curry did in his first season at NCAA.

Curry averaged 21.5 points but only had 2.8 assists/game in the first season playing for Davidson. Only in his second season, Curry showed clear potential when he led Davidson Wildcats to the round of eight of the strongest teams.

The talented NCAA player joins the NBA Draft next season

One of the most notable names at the NCAA basketball, Trae Young decided to break up with the school where he was playing to start his dream. His NBA dream from the following season.

After an impressive season with the University of Oklahoma’s basketball team, the young player with the style of play and the ability to throw three points compared to Stephen Curry has attracted a lot of attention.

In the first season of NCAA, Young was selected for the team of the All-American Game, the All-Star match for players who played at NCAA. He is also the leading player in both key metrics this season at the NCAA Division, one being the average score (27.4 points per game) and assist (8.7 assists per match).

If no player surpasses Young’s achievement at the end of the season, he will be the first and only to the end of the tournament with a lead in both score and assist.

The achievements of Trae Young

The player also holds three more assists in an NCAA match with 22 assists in a match against Northwestern State. The last time a player-created 22 times at the NCAA was in 1989 (Sherman Douglas).

On March 7, Young was also honored to receive the award for the best freshman player of the tournament (National Freshman of the Year).

Shortly after Oklahoma Sooners lost to Rhode Island and was eliminated at NCAA, Young decided he would break up with the team and sign up for the 2018 NBA Draft. with representatives to complete the necessary procedures for you. To prepare for this Draft, Young will start training with a personal trainer in California next month.

Many experts say that Trae Young will be a top pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. ESPN analyst Jonathan Givony predicts Young will be the eighth pick in this selection period.

Despite being appreciated in the ability to score points as well as thinking smart play with sharp passes, Young has a weak point in defense. Great potential but Young still has a lot of work to do before thinking of being able to reach the level of Steph Curry.