The former NCAA player that is expected to be a big star in the NBA (Part 3)

In the Warriors, Curry is a target targeted by the Rockets. He defended the Rockets 14.7 times after averaging 100 defensive situations in the series against the Rockets. This number is nearly 5 times higher than the number of Curry at the Regular Season (3.1 times after 100 situations).

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers aim at Terry Rozier. Rozier faced 6.9 iso situations after averaging 100 defensive situations. This number is 2.5 times higher than his number at Regular Season (2.6 times after 100 scenarios).

Young will have to improve Many of his defensive abilities

The team that owns Young in the future should also prepare for the scenario above. Young’s fitness is somewhat limited compared to current NBA players. At the recent Draft combine, Young’s height with shoes is measured at about 1m87 and he weighs 80kg. Young has an even more modest figure than Curry. In his first season in the NBA, Curry weighed 82 kg and was 1m90 tall.

Last season, Young’s teammates at the University of Oklahoma tried very hard to support him defensively. Young had only faced a few iso situations this past season. He is also not too bad at defending those situations when he only lets the opponent score 0.84 points / 1-1 defensive situations. However, in an environment with a much higher level, the challenge will be greater for Young.

From Curry’s experience, it can be seen that Young’s small body will not be too much of a problem at Regular Season. However, the dreaming teams deep in the Playoffs will have to consider Young’s limitations when the teams will focus on attacking a lot on this player’s position in the important rounds at the end of the season.

The risks are worth considering

According to ESPN, Young has a 12% chance of becoming an All-Star player in the future. This number is on par with DeAndre Ayton and is 4th highest in the list of recruits in this year’s Draft period.

However, he also has a 23% chance that he will not contribute anything to the team that chooses him or in other words will not shine. This number of Young is also the highest in the top 12 most highly appreciated rookies in this Draft period.

Young will not be in the top 5 when it will be difficult for a team to take the first pick to risk this player. But picking Young in the 5th to 10th place would be a worthy adventure.