3 Qualities Great NCAA Basketball Players Have in Common

Life in college emphasizes the importance of the things that happen after school. As such, the passion for basketball is an important aspect of collegiate experience and school memories. Many people think that the top-ranking college basketball players are the most talented. Still, the talent is just one of the contributing factors. Often, the best players are those with the most significant impact on the sport. They are the same people that live a legacy of the “famous students” in their campuses.

Furthermore, they make the sport seem more enjoyable than the professional game. And that is why college basketball has been known to be different. Here is what makes great NCAA basketball players stand out.

Winning Habits

Before signing in a young recruit, college coaches ensure that the potential player lives out their passion for basketball. A player with a winning habit goes to the gym or follows a consistent workout routine. Because they care about reaching their potential and breaking records, they set priorities in life. They are not the type of students you’ll find talking about the latest movies and video games.


Versatility is about putting into practice a variety of skills. For instance, a player with swift hands around the rim who hits jump shots is versatile. Similarly, a combination of shooting, power driving, and ball-handling skills makes one a versatile NCAA player. A guard should possess both elite defensive skills and offensive athleticism.

Court Vision and Strong Instincts

NCAA couches emphasize on these two qualities, although they are quite hard to inculcate. Court vision and instincts are not exclusive to guards only. They help all types of players discover soft defense spots and move without the ball. Court awareness plays an important role in passing, cohesion, and weak-side defense.

While talent is an essential quality of playing college basketball, it could be 50% or less in the whole equation. That’s why the players need to incorporate the three traits.