Key Principles That NCAA Basketball Coaches Emphasize

They desire to see their teams gain an all-star experience for every basketball tournament season. They are none other than basketball coaches. To make the experience as impactful as possible, there are various ideas they instill on the players.

The Principle of Practicality

The greatest youth coaches allow their players to figure out things on their own. They don’t always give instructions and definite answers. Again, they don’t teach theories for extended periods of time because the most important things are practical tasks. Basketball players should have enough time to learn, and there’s nothing as fun as watching them grow gradually.

Game Strategy

Basketball is not a complex sport, so a coach has to remind his team to keep it simple. As such, basketball coaches have the players master the simplest skills before delving into the hardest drills and intricate game strategies. By keeping it simple, the trainees can make instant improvements.


A leader calls for regular meetings when it’s time to practice for the season. Analyzing the good things of a past game is okay, but a wise coach doesn’t dwell on that. The most important aspects to look into are those that went wrong to see the way forward and what to work on in the next game. When it comes to correcting players, a competent coach utilizes what is known as a compliment sandwich. That is, they state the good side of the performance and give a specific correction before restating the positive.

Continuous Learning

Training an all-star team is about continuous education. Coaches who are privileged to enter the Hall of Fame insist on the importance of consistent learning. They also make sure that the materials they are feeding their teams are appropriate for their age, skill, and maturity. Besides teaching the players, coaches also strive to learn more using the available information on books, internet, or in-person clinics.