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NCAA extends the deadline for players to withdraw from the NBA Draft 2020

With the NBA Draft 2020 almost certainly going to take place later than expected, the administration of the NCAA student basketball tournament recently decided to postpone the deadline for the players to sign up for the NBA Draft 2020 if they want to return to NCAA to compete next season.

Before that, if you still want to play in the NCAA next season, the student players need to withdraw from the NBA Draft 2020 before June 3 this year. However, the 2019-2020 NBA season is delayed because the pandemic is likely to cause the NBA Draft 2020 to take place later.

So, the NCAA will also create conditions for players to withdraw later. They still want to go back to NCAA. The new deadline for players to withdraw their files has not yet been set by the NCAA management.

The decision was made by the NCAA after the NBA recently announced it would have to postpone the time for this year’s Draft Combine. Earlier, the deadline for NCAA players to withdraw their profile to participate in the NBA Draft 2020 is 10 days after the Draft Combine takes place.

The players can then make decisions about the future

NCAA wants to enable young players to be tested and evaluated by NBA teams at the Draft Combine to better understand their capabilities.

Vice President Gavitt also said the NCAA will set a new deadline for players to withdraw when the NBA has specific plans for this year’s Draft. The NCAA will also work with the NBA to create the best conditions for the players in making important decisions about their future.

It is very common for students to apply for the NBA Draft and then withdraw their records to return to NCAA. When submitting an application to participate in the NBA Draft, players will have the opportunity to be evaluated by the top NBA experts.

Thanks to these assessments, young players will probably have a clearer direction for the future. Players who feel they are not ready with the NBA can completely withdraw their records to return to NCAA.

According to the NBA board’s announcement, 163 players who used to compete at NCAA signed up for this year’s Draft. According to the original plan, the 2020 NBA Draft will take place on May 26 this year but it will likely take place later due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.